We have the capabilities, and the flexibility, to meet all of our customer's needs.
ISO 9001-2008 Registered

Quality Control

Our top priority is satisfying the customer with quality and delivery, and GTD personnel fully understand that "the customer always comes first." Our highly skilled craftsmen are known for their ability to work with the customer through all stages of a project. Capability studies conducted during the tryout process ensure that the customer's quality standards are met. To aid us in providing our customers with the highest quality, we utilize:

  • 1 - Tarus CMM Inspection Machine 96" X 60" X 60"
  • 1 - ATOS III Triple Scan 400 - Blue Light Scanner / Digitizer
  • 1 - DEA GAMMA Coordinate Measuring Machine Running PC-DMIS-2010 59" X 40" X 26"
  • 1 - Layout Inspection Machine w/ Soft-Mic Computer 70" X 200" X 60"
  • 1 - DataMyte Computerized Data Collection System For SPC
  • 1 - Romer Cimcore Series 3000i Portable CMM Articulating Arm