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The Greenville Tool & Die Company was formed as a partnership between Charles J. Randall and Vandel Nielsen and opened for business on August 15, 1946. They set up shop with several war surplus machines in a 1500 sq. ft. garage on Benton Street in Greenville, MI (currently the site of St. Charles Catholic Church). In June 1949, growing pains necessitated a move to a 4000 sq. ft. cement block warehouse at 1215 S. Lafayette (our present location).

By the mid 1950's, GTD began shifting emphasis from small appliance and aircraft tooling to larger automotive tooling and dies. In the early 1960's, with more sophisticated equipment, more and larger tryout presses and more experienced personnel, GTD started engineering, designing and building more intricate and precise dies such as decorative trim, grills, wheel covers and structural forms.

From the 1960's to the present, growing pains have resulted in over twenty major additions or renovations to its facilities. GTD now has 80,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and 12,000 sq. ft. of office and engineering space. Two shifts include more than 125 employees. In May of 1997, late owner and CEO Stan Ash received his first patent, "Liquid Impact Tool Forming Mold", a process similar to "hydroforming" which allows the customer to use their existing production presses.

With a wide range of equipment including CNC vertical machining centers, CNC jig grinders, CNC wire edm machines, small mills, lathes, drills, grinders, (12) 300-2200 ton tryout presses, die simulation software, a 24-workstation, two-shift Engineering Dept. featuring CATIA all in-house design, an inspection and quality control department featuring state-of-the-art CMM equipment, and ISO-9001:2015 Registration, the skilled craftsmen of Greenville Tool & Die design and build the highest quality metal stamping dies, a characteristic they are known for throughout the industry.

The development of Greenville Tool & Die Company has been a team effort, and the company is especially proud of its corps of skilled and loyal employees through the years who engineer, design, and build the metal stamping dies, tools, and fixtures. Their adaptability to and enthusiasm for change have allowed GTD to grow, prosper, and become a leader in its field.

On February 17, 2005, the employees of Greenville Tool & Die Company purchased the company from the trust of its late CEO and Owner, Stan Ash, and his wife Blanche. Today, Greenville Tool & Die is "An Employee Owned Company."

For further information on the history of Greenville Tool & Die, please see our official pdf.