Metal Stamping Dies

We are an industry leader with more than 60 years of design and tool building expertise with metal stamping dies from structural parts to Class A surface parts. This high quality, close tolerance tooling includes line dies, progressive dies, and transfer dies for the automotive, appliance, trucking, construction, agriculture, and lawn and garden industries. We are very experienced with the development of tooling for parts designed for advanced high strength and dual phase materials. We have tryout capability to over 2,100 in sizes to 96" wide x 240" long. We are experts in the design and building of all types of metal stamping dies including draw dies, tube dies, blank dies, pierce dies, trim dies, and form dies. Request a quote for metal stamping dies today.

Line Dies

Our experience in line die applications range from structural parts like pillar dies to bumper dies, and deep draw dies for parts like oil pans.

Progressive Dies

We specialize in simple and complex progressive dies from 24" x 36" to 72" x 200".

Transfer Dies

We handle transfer dies in both traditional transfer as well as walking beam type including servo drive control in ram tonnages to over 2,100 and up to 30 strokes per minute.

Liquid Impact Forming Dies (LIF)

Liquid Impact Forming Dies (applicable to tubular parts) allows for normal stamping press cycle times, eliminates spot welding, reduces scrap, produces parts with more integrity, and promotes less total parts in an assembly.